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PULLEY SMALL / RK800EE00 - orange
PULLEY SMALL / RK800BB00 - black

Small pulley for those who occasionally need to build simple hauling systems or manipulate with the objects. Essential gear for glacier tours in case of crevasse rescue.

  • lightweight single pulley for hauling and rescue
  • for use with static and dynamic textile ropes
  • suitable for use with a Prusik friction knot
  • bronze self lubricating bearing ensures reliable efficiency up to 81 %
  • unique production number marking
Color orange, black
Weight 92 g (3.3 oz)
Material sheave and side plates - aluminum alloy, bearing - bronze,
axle - stainless steel
Strength 22 kN
Max. diameter of rope 13 mm
Bearing friction
CE 1019 | EN 12278