Singing Rock


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Lightweight tether for leashless climbing, attaches ice tools to the harness.

  • prevents the loss or fall of ice axes
  • two mini screw lock carabiners can be attached to the tool’s spike or head
  • V-shaped elastic webbing is short enough for tangle-free handling and may be stretched for maximum reach
  • length of the lanyards can be extended from 80 up to 135 cm (incl. carabiners) and so allows free movements
  • suitable for ice climbing, mix climbing and steep couloirs

WARNING! Do not use as a fall absorber! Do not use as a belay stance lanyard!

Color white/yellow
Weight 90 g (3.3 oz)
Material 35% PAD, 5% elastic fiber, 60% light alloy
Strength 300 kg
Length 80 - 135 cm (incl. carabiners)
Gate opening (d) 12 mm