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Extra lightweight and versatile chromoly crampons with replaceable front points. Designed for climbing steep icefalls, difficult mixed routes and mountaineering.

  • extra lightweight design alongside with durable chromoly construction
  • modular construction for both mono and dual front points
  • adjustable length of front points
  • aggressive front teeth provide additional support and extra balance
  • back facing teeth for balance on free standing pillars and columns
  • down facing teeth for stability on ice bulges
  • patented stainless steel Rock&Lock buckle enables fast and easy fastening and releasing the webbing
  • tool-free length adjustment
  • front points and the frame are made of durable hardened chromoly steel
  • BOUNCER LUCIFER III anti-snow plates included
  • budget-wise spare parts
  • available with the fastening system for rigid mountaineering boots with a welt
  • front toe bail is possible to swap for the SEMI-CLASSIC toe bail for boots with a welt only on the heel and the SKI toe bail for ski touring boots

Do you want to know how the LUCIFER III crampons differ from the previous generation? Their developer tells you what is new.

Weight 960 g (33.9 oz) / with monopoint 910 g (32.1 oz)
Size EU 37 - 47

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