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FOOT LIFT left / RK807BX0L
FOOT LIFT right / RK807BX0P
Foot ascender to improve rope ascending in rope access. Used in conjunction with LIFT and CAM CLEAN.

  • stainless steel toothed cam for higher corrosion resistance and for any conditions (frozen or dirty ropes)
  • cam / lever mechanism fully integrated into the body
  • durable construction with stainless cast steel
  • fully adjustable webbing to achieve the best comfort of use
  • lower part is reinforced with tubular webbing for longer use
  • quick and easy to adjust with O ring
  • marked with a unique production number
  • for use with Ø 8-13 mm ropes, static and dynamic
  • available in left and right version

Note: Foot Lift is not a PPE.

Weight 160 g • 5.6 oz
Material light alloy, steel, plastic, PA
Working load 120 kg