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Rescue pulley for cableway evacuation.

  • designed to connect directly on the carrying steel cable of the cableway
  • it is used during rescue operations and is used for the rescuer's crossing from the cableway support to the seat/cabin and rescued persons
  • thanks to two sheaves construction it does not jump even on a rough steel cable
  • lighter about 50 g than previous Easy Lift
  • bigger gate opening allows to use the pulley on a thicker rope and more massive seat feet, eg. six seat cableways
  • for steel rope with max. diameter 60 mm
  • marked with a unique production number for better traceability and inspection
Color grey/orange
Weight 1350 g • 3 lb
Material light alloy, POM, stainless steel
Strength 30 kN
Working load max. 6 kN
Max. diameter of rope (steel cable) 60 mm
CE 1017